1. User Guide

Download the Blynk User Guide .

2. LyfeView

LyfeView is an app for your Mac or PC specially designed to handle time-lapse movies. Although movies created by Blynk can be edited with standard video editors, LyfeView is quicker and easier. It lets you quickly find and export interesting parts as a small movie. Single frames can be exported as standard JPEG photographs.

There are two ways to install LyfeView. If your computer has the Adobe Flash plugin (and most do) the automated installer is the best way. But there are certain situations where this does not work. In that case, LyfeView can be installed manually.

Automatic Installer for PC and Mac

Automatic installer

Manual Installation Steps
  • Step 1: First install Adobe Air which is a library that allows applications to run on both PC and Macs. Here is the official Adobe download page:
  • Step 2: Once Adobe Air is installed (see step 1 above) your computer will know how to install the LyfeView application. Here is the direct download link:
Still Having Trouble Installing?

If this doesn’t work it is very likely that your PC has some restriction about installing programs. The same things that guard against viruses also sometimes get in the way of legitimate activities. Please look carefully at any error messages for hints about what could be stopping the installation. Of course we would be happy to help so feel free to contact LyfeShot .

3. Stand Directions

Download the Stand Diagram and Directions